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World Premiere

Retrospective Love
(Moji-ku, Kitakyushu-shi, Fukuoka)

©2013 Retrospective Love Production Committee


Mojiko Retro, where over ten years ago a hub for cargo ships, is now just one of the sightseeing spots in Kitakyushu.
Shingo, a photographer, who grew up in Mojiko, returns for business for the first time in years and finds Mojiko has become a tourist location and leaves a mere shadow of what it used to be.
Instead of the freight trains for coal, there are sightseeing trains and tourists visiting Mojiko.
Shingo happens to meet a woman, who also has mixed emotions about the town.
This film depicts the conflicting feelings of the local people in Mojiko regarding the change to financially revitalize the town while also showing the love of their hometown through close relationships and deep humanity.


The members of Robert, grew up in Mojiko and are now tourism ambassadors of Kitakyushu, plays the main roles of this film.
Baba makes his appearance in his first starring role, Akiyama plays a middle-aged man speaking in Kitakyushu dialect, while Yamamoto plays a kind train station worker.
You can enjoy a new side of Robert, which you have never seen in TV shows.
Mika Hijii is a heroine, who is known for her TV commercial of Suzuki Lapin and Otona no Kisoeigo of NHK.
An actual train driver passed the audition and acted as Fujibayashi, a train driver.
This film depicts love towards one’s hometown, love between men and women, and love between family through sightseeing rain, "Shiokazego."
This film attracts not only the people who are interested in love, but also those who are interested in comedies and/or trains


Hiroyuki Baba (Robert), Ryuji Akiyama (Robert), Hiroshi Yamamoto (Robert), Mika Hijii, Masao Tsunoda, Yoshiyuki Ikeda (Bunbunmaru), Naoki Yamada (Bunbunmaru)

Director & Work Data

Daichi Oka
2013 Retrospective Love Production Committee