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World Premiere

Junon Shichun (Ginowan City)

©Jinon Shichun Production Committee


A freelance photographer, Jinon, was asked by the City of Ginowan to take some pictures for their promotional brochures, and was having some photo shooting sessions in various locations in Ginowan.
Meanwhile, he met Shizuku dancing amorously and beautifully in Morikawa Park.
Jinon, a freelance photographer, and Shizuku, a Tahitian dance instructor.
This is a story of these two and a modern version of the "legend of a plumage" associated with Ginowan.
The love tactics over the pareo, the costume essential to Tahitian dancing; Jinon who is gradually heightening feelings for Shizuku; Shizuku who is somewhat suggestive.
This is a mystical love story describing the sentiments of the two along with some Tahitian dance numbers.


The story with a "legend of a plumage" motif associated with Ginowan is performed by an actor and an actress who devoted themselves to both of their first staring roles in a film.
In addition to the authentic Tahitian dance performed by "Tahiti Tamure Ginowan", you can't miss the original Tahitian dance numbers created just for this film.
You'll also enjoy a lot of notable sites of Ginowan, including beautiful nature such as spring water spots and taimo fields as well as the town sceneries.
As supporting actors, very experienced actors, including Hayato Fujiki who also starred in the dramas "Churasan" and "Tempest" and Akira Fukuhara who is a pillar of the theatrical world in Okinawa, appear in this film too.
With a total support by the City of Ginowan, all the casts, staff and parties concerned worked together ad produced this film.


Kensaku Nagata, Yuria Shiina, Akira Fukuhara, Hayato Fujiki, Yasuko Horiuchi Pualani, Atsushi Sakima, Tamako Miyagawa, Hatsukoi Cro-Magnon

Director & Work Data

Keigo Matsuda
Jinon Shichun Production Committee