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World Premiere

BLUE BIRD (Hong Kong)

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A man with a gun comes to eat fried rice at a Chinese restaurant like in any back alley in Hong Kong! There is the head of the restaurant a part time female worker, and a businessman that proposed to her.
The man with the gun seems to have a problem. Is it fiction, or reality?
This real-time suspense unfolds for these four multinational men and women, as they search for happiness.


A collaboration between Yoshimoto Kogyo and Hong Kong's Salon Films, for the purpose of collaborating for the Hong Kong International Film Festival and the Okinawa International Movie Festival.
Starring is Ishida of popular entertainers NON STYLE, who has appeared in many performances and provides real star power.
The director is Kei Horie of "Veronica Decides to Die". With a film crew from Hong Kong and Hong Kong co-stars, as well as a mix of Japanese and Cantonese, a cross-culture, cross-border work has been created.


Akira Ishida, Reina Ikehata, Hiro Hayama, Taitan

Director & Work Data

Kei Horie
BLUE BIRD Film Partners