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World Premiere


©Itoman Movie Executive Committee


The costly production of a cyborg “Duty Cyborg Itoman” is entirely funded by taxpayer’s money in order to maintain peace in Itoman City. However, the ever-peaceful Itoman City does not offer many opportunities for “Itoman” to play its intended role, fueling the residents’ dissatisfaction.
It is one such day, a series of kidnappings of beautiful women occurs in Itoman City, the city famous for its plentifulness of beautiful women.
The Itoman Police are desperate to find a clue to a solution, and eventually decides to summon “Itoman” for help as a last resort for a breakthrough in the case. Can “Itoman” ever solve the case?


This movie is directed by Gori from a Japanese comic duo Garage Sale, both members of which are originally from Okinawa.
While incorporating culture, customs, and traditions of Itoman City into the film script in abundance, the movie has been filmed on location at main sights of the city such as Hakugindo-shrine, the Peace Memorial Park, Bibi Beach, and Ryukyu Glass Craft.
In order that people of Itoman City can be given sheer delight and the audience can laugh while watching, this movie is studded thoroughly with the unique world view of Gori the director.


Ikki Funaki, Nikko Higa, Taeko Yoshida, Shinichi Tsunami, Michu, Daisuke Onaga, Yoshiki Kuba

Director & Work Data

Gori (Garage Sale)
2013 "The Complex"Production Committee