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World Premiere

MG-2416 (Marukame, Kagawa)

©2013 MG-2416 Production Committee


Kankichi Doi, born and raised in Marugame, is 41 years old and works for Modern Museum.
His brother, Shunsuke comes home for the first time in years after leaving Marugame and moving to the city in order to achieve successful life; however, ends up being abducted by international secret society.
The secret society sends a legendary hit-man to eliminate Shunsuke, who knows their secret.
The hit-man insists that he will cause harm to the people in Marugame, including Kankichi, if Shunsuke does not turn himself in the next day. Although Kankichi and his friends meet and strategize, time passes away in vain.
At the time when the hit-man designates, does Kankichi choose to let Shunsuke go to the hit-man’s or to let the hit-man massacre the people of Marugame, including himself?
What destiny awaits the people in Marugame? The essence of the exploitation films in 1970’s are displayed throughout this film, providing not only super violence but also cute, while also offering a miraculous story line.


The bizarre title, MG-2416, is intriguing. This incredibly entertaining film provides the charm of Marugame, which attracts everyone.
This film is filled with the sightseeing spots in Marugame, as well as, portrays the director and production committee’s love of Marugame. The combination of comedic performance by the leading actor, Daiki Hyodo, peaceful Marugame, and totally-unexpected storyline is guaranteed to bring you laughter and tears.
You cannot afford to miss any moment of this film, which although seems unrealistic, but is full of the charm of real Marugame.


Daiki Hyodo (Yano/Hyodo), Akihiro Nishino (King Kong), Erika Yazawa, Kozo Takeda, Hasuke Oki, Rena Kawakami, Tsuyoshi Kaji

Director & Work Data

Hitonori Taniguchi
2013 "The Complex"Production Committee