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World Premiere

INABE (Inabe, Mie)

©2013 Inabe Production Committee


Tomohiro, who works for a pig farm in the City of Inabe, was busy right in the middle of raising pigs. Then, first time in 17 years, his sister Naoko all the sudden came home with her baby.
Tomohiro was wondering why she came home. But Naoko just dryly said "Do I need a reason?" to suspicious Tomohiro. Furthermore, she told him in her usual bossy tone to come with her to dig a hole.
Under unavoidable circumstances, he went with his sister. As they walk together in their hometown, the childhood they spent together started to be brought back.
What did they dig up with their memories...?


This is a story of the younger brother who lives in his hometown and his sister who has come home first time in 17 years, and it was filmed at the locations very distinctive to Inabe, Mie, including extensive natural sceneries, "Sangi Railway Hokusei Line" which is rare in the country, and the pig farm "Matsuba Pig Farm".
Koji Fukada, whose latest film "Hospitality" won the awards in the 23rd Tokyo International Film Festival and Puchon International Fantastic Film Festival, directed and wrote a screenplay for this film.
A brother and a sister played by Hiroaki Matsuda (Hiking Walking) who has broken a new ground in acting and Ami Kurata, a former male-role actress of Takarazuka Revue Company, are just like a real brother and a sister and you can't miss their performances.
Also you must see the charactors performed by the comedians including HongKong, WARAIMESHI and Qtaro Suzuki (Hiking Walking). Why did the sister come home? The reason is...


Hiroaki Matsuda (Hiking Walking), Ami Kurata, Yui Ito, Minami Inoue, Mitsuki Ko, Qtaro Suzuki (Hiking Walking), Koji Nishida, Tetsuo, Sunshine Katsura, HongKong

Director & Work Data

Koji Fukada
2013 Inabe Production Committee