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World Premiere

Umisuzu Meshi(Kadokawa-cho, Miyazaki)

©2013 Umisuzu Meshi Production Committee


This film depicts the love of Kadogawa, Miyazaki through brothers who run a bento (lunch) shop using local products along with their childhood friend who returned from Tokyo. The film shows a myriad of locally made food that is used in the making of the bentos.
Takuma and Azuma, who run the bento shop, achieve great success with their business from the help of Yuna, who returned from Tokyo.
One day Yuna feels there is no place for her in Kadogawa and tells Takuma.
Yuna starts thinking about going back to Tokyo since Takuma agrees with what she says.
The message of this film is, even though you leave your hometown, your hometown always reminds you of where you started.


On Christmas Eve, 2012, the voice, “Cut! Okay!” echoed in Kadogawa, the northern part of Miyazaki.
It was the moment that we started shooting Umisuzu Meshi, which was planned to shoot for four days.
This film depicts the charm of Kadogawa with its scenic nature and the excitement of the Danjiri Festival.
More than one hundred people supported the film as volunteers and extras.
Please come and enjoy this “Umarashi (well-done)” film!!
After enjoying this film, please come visit Kadogawa to eat fresh seafood and food from mountains, which you can see in the film (^0^)/


Kazunobu Kubota (Toro Salmon), Akina Aoshima, Hideaki Murata (Toro Salmon), Toshihiro Sato (Chicken Nanban), Yusuke Tonami (Chicken Nanban)

Director & Work Data

Ryo Nakajima
2013 Umisuzu Meshi Production Committee