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World Premiere

King of Entertainer (Nakijinson)

©"King of Entertainment" Production Committee


In Nakijin Village, the second highest village of longevity in Okinawa, a rather strange project to cure the "illness" with "laughter" has been started as a part of the welfare services to deal with the aging society.
A professional of laughter who has been sent to this village is a 38-year-old comedian Hajime Saito, a self-claimed Kansai Comedian predominated the world of comedy.
The person who has been selected as his caretaker and the project manager is Shiori Ota, a 24-year-old who is unmindful of comedies. These two have met a very kind old lady, Grandma Kimiko.
To make Grandma's wish come true, Shiori has come up with an outrageous game plan... Can Hajime, a failing comedian, face the life through laughter...?


In this film, Yuki Rock, a silly role (Boke) member of the stand-up comedy duo Harigane Rock which is known as their gabble-on talk style, plays as a leading actor for the first time in his career.
A key supporting actress is Takako Senaha who is a central pillar of the theatrical entertainment industry in Okinawa. One of the highlights of this film is the scene that these two perform the gabble-on stand-up comedy.
Can the chemical reaction of laughter caused by a pure Kansai native and an Okinawan Grandma perform a miracle in this story? Is the god of laughter going to decend to Nakijin Village, the setting for the story?


Yuki Rock, Manami, Takako Senaha, Shin Tamaki, Yasutaka Azato

Director & Work Data

Yasunori Matayoshi
"King of Entertainment" Production Committee