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World Premiere

(Niimi-shi, Okayama)

©2013 "Niimiteki Otogibanashi" Film Production Committee


Niimi City, Okayama Prefecture. One day, Noboru O-eda, a hot-springs hotel manager, saves a raccoon dog caught in a trap. On the same day, a beautiful woman named Keiko comes for a job interview for the part-time residential staff position.
Keiko is hired and seeing her do a wonderful job, she is soon accepted by the staff, becoming a popular member.
O-eda looks on happily at the situation, but by chance, he begins to suspect that maybe Keiko is the raccoon dog he had saved.


With Niimi Chiya-onsen as the backdrop, here is a modern folktale which combines the beautiful winter scenery of Niimi with a campy but heartwarming story.
Toshio Sakata plays the hot-springs hotel manager, and livening up scenes are the comedic talents of Kenji Tamura, COWCOW and others.
Niimi’s famous sights such as Ikurado and specialty Chiya-gyu beef are also blended in, as the characters themselves exude a “Niimi-esque” flavor as well.


Toshio Sakata, Yui Egashira, Kenji Tamura, Masumi Masuno(Birdmen), Kenji Tada(COWCOW), Yoshi Yamada(COWCOW), Ami Kurata, Ryoichi Masai(Birdmen), Akiyoshi Enishi, Sennyo Uenaka, Kumiko Ando

Director & Work Data

Ayumu Hasegawa
2013 "Niimiteki Otogibanashi" Film Production Committee