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World Premiere

The Real Hardboiled Comedian Eiji
(Kawazu, Shizuoka)

©2013 The Real Hardboiled Comedian Eiji Production Committee


"Kawazu Zakura Festival", an early-spring event in Kawazu-cho, brings approximately one million people (number of the total visitors throughout the period of the festival) from all over the country for a glimpse of the early blooming cherry blossoms.
Now in town, there are some eight thousand trees of Kawazu Zakura, well-known for the vividness of its big blossoms in deep pink color and popular for the night viewing, and people in Kawazu-cho are very proud of this festival.
During the busiest time preparing for the festival, a comedian Oburoya Eiji showed up to the town.
Because of his very unique style and materials, it was hard for him to be accepted first but gradually he started to win the heart of the people in Kawazu-cho.
Then the incident happened in the town waiting for the later-than-usual blooming of the cherry blossoms and Eiji got involved in it...
This is a human comedy portraying the intercommunication of the people in Kawazu-cho and Eiji.


In Kawazu-cho, located in the southeast part of Izu Peninsula which is rich in nature, we visited 15 filming sites and all three days we spent for the filming were nice and sunny, so we have brought more attractive features of Kawazu-cho into the screen.
The leading role is played by Penalty Hide.
He's concealed his usual kind and fatherlike character and acted out the character with the extremely strong impact, which can be seen only in this film.
This is the film that Kawazu-cho worked as one with many of the townspeople appearing in the film.


Hide(Penalty), Aoi Koizumi, Tomoya Maeno, Kazu & Ai, Ryoko Tanaka, Kura

Director & Work Data

Yasuomi Kawahara
2013 The Real Hardboiled Comedian Eiji Production Committee