5th Okinawa International Movie Festival: Program

  • Special Invitation

    Again this year for our "Special Invitation" division, we have selected charming films - a lineup overflowing with variety - sure to earn fervent support from movie fans.

  • Competition

    This year's line-up includes 4 categories of competition:「Laugh Category・Peace Category」「Creator's Factory」「Pachinko Movie Award」「Niibichi Film Festival」.

    Laugh Category
    Peace Category
    Creator's Factory
    Pachinko Movie Award
    Niibichi Film Festival
  • Local Origination Project

    The “Local Origination Project”, which combines the two axis of “Community-based Movies” and the “JIMOT CM COMPETITION”, is back with even more power for a third time this year.

    As the Okinawa International Movie Festival reaches the milestone of its fifth year this year, OIMF seeks a better and deeper relationship with the people of Okinawa. In order to further appeal to the rest of Japan and the world the charms of Okinawa, we have greatly increased the number of co-productions by the people of Okinawa in both the “Community-based Movies” and “JIMOT CM COMPETITION” categories.

    Community-based Movies
  • Special Screening

    Adding to the variety of the festival, the Special Screenings include a diverse election of short and full-length features from around the world.

    Japanese Comedy・World Comedy
    Sakurazaka Film University
    Uchina Movies ~Journey to Special Locations~
    Okinawa International Movie Festival × Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2013
    SoftBank presents Owarai LIFE Short Film Screening
    Nico Nico Doga Special Screening
  • Chura-ii GIRLS UP! Stage

    Continuing from last year, the girls' stage will power up even more with another appearance at the Okinawa International Movie Festival! At this “Chura-ii GIRLS UP! Stage,” we are aiming for revitalization of Okinawa's local areas with contents specifically for girls!

  • Beach Stage Event

    Every year at a stage set up at Ginowan Tropical Beach, a comedy live stage, a musical live stage, and an Okinawan residents participation stage are held. This year, the Okinawan residents participation stage is being beefed up even more than in the past, with lots of plans for collaboration with Okinawa, including Okinawan tradition and culture. For the comedy stage, every day, lots of popular performers will be present. For the musical stage, there will be artists connected to Okinawa, as well as the appearance of popular idol groups!

  • Laugh & Peace Town

    Last year in the “Contents Land”, we had a stage capable of holding 900 people, the booths by the exhibitors and sponsoring companies that attracted the visitors everyday, and 100,000 peoples visited during the festival. This year, we have changed its name to “LAUGH & PEACE TOWN”. It is the “town to provide more fun along with the experiences” to the visitors.

  • Okinawa Contents Bazaar

    Okinawa Contents Bazaar provides the opportunities to have the contents and people connected to each other, and have them tap into Asia and the world through the entertainment.