Okinawa International Movie Festival × Short Shorts Film Festival & Asia 2013

OIMF collaborates with Short Short Film Festival & Asia, Japan’s lone film festival that is certified as Academy Award’s official film festival. Five short films are co-produced as Special Invitation Films.
In commemoration of 5th anniversary of OIMF, and 15th anniversary of SSFF&ASIA, comedians and movie creators will interact each other.

Yoji Tanaka, Takeshi Nadagi, and Noriko Nakagoshi perform in the memorable first collaboration film “JACK THE GIANT SLAYER,” The film is a dark fantasy comedy directed by Seiki Watabnabe who also directed “Yukkina” that recorded No.1 sales in short film category on iTunes. Other four films are now in production.
These collaborate films will be screened at OIMF as well as SSFF&ASIA. Moreover, the films are eyeing entries at other international movie festivals.
By bringing excitement to Japan together as Japanese representative movie festivals, SSFF&ASIA and OIMF hope to be trendsetting places of Japanese image culture to the world.

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