Niibichi Film Festival

This category is a collaboration between the Okinawa International Movie Festival and the “Nibichi Film Festival”, a world first festival that aims to find the best wedding entertainment video in Okinawa, which has been hosted since 2011 by FM Yomitan, under the catch phrase “Omedetai Korakoso Medachitai”.

Weddings in Okinawa prefecture have more guests than would be seen outside of the prefecture, and involve the exciting Kachashi and interesting Uchina style ceremony.

As part of this, the entertainment is particularly exciting.

The “Nibichi Film Festival” focuses on video entertainment which has been gaining attention in recent years as the production technology and the degree of excitement have increased, to determine what is certainly the world’s first prize for the No. 1 piece of video entertainment from a wedding reception. Anyone with video of their wedding entertainment can submit it to the film festival.

A jury will select 10 works from the many entries on Saturday March 30th, during the Okinawa International Movie Festival, to be screened.

Then, from among the exhibited works, a selection will be chosen by the votes of viewers to be screened at the Okinawa Zampamisaki Royal Hotel on Sunday April 21, 2013.

Nibichi Film Festival Event Schedule

Nibichi Film Festival Schedule
March 30th
Nominations at OIMFOpen 11:30/Start 12:00
April 21st
Screening at Okinawa Zampamisaki Royal Hotel