Local Origination Project

The “Local Origination Project”, which combines the two axis of “Community-based Movies” and the “JIMOT CM COMPETITION”, is back with even more power for a third time this year.

As the Okinawa International Movie Festival reaches the milestone of its fifth year this year, OIMF seeks a better and deeper relationship with the people of Okinawa. In order to further appeal to the rest of Japan and the world the charms of Okinawa, we have greatly increased the number of co-productions by the people of Okinawa in both the “Community-based Movies” and “JIMOT CM COMPETITION” categories.

Community-based Movies

“Community-based Movies” involves the co-production with local residents of films which show off the information, lives, and legends of their regions, as well as regional industries, products and tourist information, in a way that is unique to their region.

This year, the area has been expanded even more, with co-productions already decided with the 6 regions of Japan and the 5 regions of Okinawa as well as Hong Kong, to create a total of 12 pieces of work with local residents, to share the charms of their particular regions. We hope you will enjoy this lineup which will be full of laughs, tears, and variety. In addition following their release at the Movie Festival, screenings of these films are planned for each region.

Introducing these pieces will include Okinawan personality and member of Garage Sale, Gori, Rinken Teruya, lead of Rinken Band, nationally and internationally acclaimed director of “Hospitality” Koji Fukada, and Ken Horie of the movie “Veronica Decides to Die”. A number of featured directors will be in attendance.

Community-based Movies


The “JIMOT CM COMPETITION” is a “CM project” competition which seeks submissions from people living in various places, to “create CMs together” about “things that only local residents know, which they love about their home town and want to share with the rest of the country”.

In addition to the usual “47 prefectures”, this year the “41 Okinawan Municipalities JIMOT CM COMPETITION” will create CMs for each of the 41 municipalities of Okinawa prefecture. Also, as “Special Categories”, there will be the “Yoshimoto Aozora Kagetsu” in conjunction with elementary schools in three disaster affected prefectures, and the “International Category” packed with the charms of various Asian countries.

Completed works are unveiled to Japan and the world through the Okinawa International Movie Festival.

These two competitions are promoted by the head of the Okinawa International Movie Festival Working Committee, the Yoshimoto Kogyo Group, in conjunction with their “Live in your Town” project, to promote mutual exchanges through film and video, and they will continue as major categories of the Okinawa International Movie festival into the future.