Creator's Factory

The “Creator’s Factory” is a project new to the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival, which aims to uncover “the next generation of creative artists”.
If it’s a video, regardless of running time, or category or genre, such as live action, animation etc., the best new artists will be selected from among the various staff that work on the video production, including directors, camerman, actors, actresses, and musicians.

Also, winner of the top award will be provided with the full support of Yoshimoto Kogyo for their next production.


The following awards will be selected from a review of screened films, in accordance with the regulations of the Okinawa International Movie Festival.
(1)Creator’s Factory Best New Artist
(2)Creator’s Factory Best Actor
(3)Creator’s Factory Best Actress

※The jury selected by the organizers shall select one person for each award.
※For the winner of the Best New Artist award, Yoshimoto Kogyo will provide full support for their next piece of work.