Ticket Prices〜Sakurazaka Theater〜

■Applicable Works: Special Screening - Sakurazaka Film University
March 24th(Sun)~30th(Sat)
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Sakurazaka Theater Hall A
All Tickets ¥1,000(Advance・Door)
Free Pass ¥4,000(Advance・Door)【Limit:30】
  • ※All seats are unreserved
  • ※Pre-school kids who sit with parents on the same seat are free!
  • ※Some screenings and events have age restrictions
  • ※Please bring your tickets and ID with you to the venue on the day
■ About the Free Pass
  • ・Maximum 30 Free Passes
  • ・Can be used for all screenings and events at Sakurazaka Film University
  • ・Passes needed to be presented at each event.
     You can exchange it for the ticket on the day of the event at the ticket counter
  • ・You need to show the pass as you enter the hall of each event.
  • ・Please keep the ticket throughout the week as you cannot enter without it
  • ・If the hall becomes full, we will put a notice outside. We thank you for understanding.
  • ・Free pass holders will be given a certificate of "completing Sakurazaka Film University" signed by Shinichi Chiba
     Please present your pass to the ticket counter at Sakurazaka University
     [Period:3/24(Sun)~30(Sat)during business hours]

Advance Booking

March 9th(Sat)10am~
Ticket Yoshimoto Internet:【http://ticket.yoshimoto.co.jp
Phone:0570-041-489 (24-Hour Automated Srevice/P Code Necessary)

【P Code】 Sakurazaka Film University:550-900/Sakurazaka Film University Frees Pass:464-649

Ticket Pia Internet:【http://pia.jp/t/
Store:Ticket Pia Store/ Seven-Eleven/ Circle K Sunkus

【P Code】 Sakurazaka Film University:550-900/Sakurazaka Film University Free Pass:464-649

E-Plus インターネット:【http://eplus.jp/
Store:Family Mart

Sakurazaka Theater Ticket Booth

Same Day Tickets

Tickets will be available on the day of events at the Sakurazaka Theater ticket booth
Some events may be sold out in advance
■Sales Time
To be announced on the homepage
Enquiries about Tickets Ticket Yoshimoto Exclusive Service:0570-036-912(Everyday 10am~7pm)

Free Screening Tickets 〜Okinawa Convention Center・Sakurazaka Theater〜

■Applicable Works:
Okinawa Convention Center all screenings
Sakurazaka Theater all screenings (excluding Sakurazaka Film University screenings)
23rd March(Sat)~30th(Sat)
→Click here for schedule
Okinawa Convention Center/Sakurazaka Theater

About Free Tickets

Entrance is free, but tickets are still necessary.

Ticket Map

■Free Tickets
Distribution Venue
Theater 1 Screenings:
Theater 1 Ticket Booth/ Okinawa Convention Center Theater Ticket Booth)
Theater 2、Theater 3 Screenings:
Theater 2、Theater 3 Ticket Booths(in specially prepared tents on front of the theaters)
Sakurazaka Theater Screenings:
Sakurazaka Theater ticket booth
Distribution Period
tickets are available from one hour before screenings
■About Special Screening Deru-cine Customers with free tickets for the explanation for participants for Deru-cine, can also enter the final film screenings of Deru-cine.
Be careful not to lose your ticket stub.
If you lose your ticket, it cannot be reissued.

In the event of oversubscription, there will be no further distribution of tickets announced before the start-time. Your understanding is appreciated.
Please confirm at the ticket booth on the day.
◆Important Points◆
  • ※Tickets are limited to 2 per person
     In some cases it will be limited to one per person.
  • ※All seats are unreserved.
  • ※Because some events take place at the same time, please confirm the start time for each.
  • ※Times for distribution of tickets are subject to change.
  • ※Age limits apply to some screenings.
  • ※Always remember to bring your tickets and ID on the day.
  • ※In the event of oversubscription to any event, ticket distribution will end.
  • ※Information on each show will be available one hour before. Please form a queue.
  • ※Ticket distribution ends 15 minutes before each screening.
  • ※No entry from 15 minutes after the screening starts.
  • ※After the stage greetings have ended, the entrance for the show will close.
  • ※After entering, you cannot exit.
  • ※No re-entry
  • ※The ticket booth for the Open Air Theater may be moved inside in case of bad weather
  • ※Filming in all theatres is a crime and will be enforced
  • ※Tickets may not be sold to third parties or for commercial purposes.
Enquiries about Tickets Ticket Yoshimoto Exclusive Service:0570-036-912(Everyday 10am~7pm)