Special Invitation

"Special Invitation" offers you many of yet Japan screened blockbusters and topic of interest movies from Hollywood films to Movie Festival related films. Not only comedy but will feature a strong lineup with a variety of unique films to enrich the festival.

Screened and well-received at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, "The Complex" is the first horror movie in six years by Hideo Nakata from "Ring".
In her way as a movie actress after graduating the idol group AKB48, Atsuko Maeda is the leading actress collecting the spotlight on her effortful performance.

Screened at the worlds largest inflatable movie screen "Open Air Screen" is the "Jack the Giant Slayer" by Brian Singer from "X-men" series. We here welcome you to the nail-biting great adventure.
Also aired is "Jury", the first directed short film by Kim Dong-ho the OIMF Organization Committee Honorary-Chairman and Busan Film Festival Honorary-Executive Committee.

Again multiple special invitation films will highlight the Okinawa International Movie Festival.

Special Invitation

  • JURY

    Director: KIM Dong-ho
    Country: Korea
  • The Complex

    Director: Hideo Nakata
    Country: JAPAN

    Director: Bryan Singer
    Country: USA