Okinawa Initiative

Thanks to the support of the people of Okinawa, the Okinawa International Movie Festival has been held on four consecutive occasions until now.

From its first year in Chatan Town, to Ginowan and Naha City where the 2nd – 4th editions were held, we are pleased to have had the support and suggestions of people and businesses of Okinawa.

Okinawa International Movie Festival is now in its 5th edition, and with more people in Okinawa giving us their support, we aim to make the bond even stronger, to welcome visitors from all over the world, and to create an event for all to enjoy together.

As well as this being a theme from the very first festival, it is also a major feature of OIMF to help with the interaction and sharing of information and works that originate from the various communities and for the people and regions to participate, nationally and globally.

Prior this year’s event, Hiroshi Osaki visited to all 41 municipalities, including remote islands. Osaki, the Chairman of the Executive Committee aims to build relationships with many more people than ever before. In the openings programs, OIMF will incorporate a number of events embodying the efforts of the people of the province.

Okinawa International Movie Festival aims to create "a celebration of entertainment beyond the field, allowing the movie people from all over the world and the national people of Okinawa to interact."


The 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival will once again be held in Ginowan City’s Okinawa Convention Center.

Since the 2nd festival, we have been extending out our arms in friendship with the civil authorities, local businesses and the people of Ginowan, many of whom have kindly participated as volunteers.

Current Mayor Atsushi Sakima in preparation for the 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival said “now more than ever, more actively, with more volunteers, lets support the film festival and raise the excitement of the whole city.”

Since last November, various organizations and volunteers organized the Ginowan Cheering Squad, and with the association of the President of the Association for the Promotion of Tourism, we have been working together on projects of various sizes.

On February 1, at an unveiling ceremony we installed the "Movie Festival Countdown Board", the brainchild of the Ginowan Cheering Squad. As part of the citizen participation process, expansion of the announcements of the festival, and the expansion of volunteers, the Ginowan Cheering Squad is a major force to realize the concept of "Okinawa International Movie Festival - made together."


Begun at the fourth festival, the Okinawa International Movie Festival Cooperation Association will be continuing our positive activities to build upon the Okinawa International Movie Festival’s various collaboration projects.

The Okinawa International Movie Festival Cooperation Association led by President Shiraishi consists of the Association for the Future of Tourism in Okinawa, the Junior Chamber of International Japan and the Okinawa Chamber of Commerce & Industry Young Entrepreneurs Group. We discussed things such as the clean-up process before the festival and the use of OIMF stickers and notifications. The purpose was to better prepare in advance how to handle these activities.

Together with these organizations and with the Association of Hotels, we could better share mutual ideas for the benefits of all via brainstorming sessions and deciding on locations for the sale of goods. The JCI will initiate an education program for the future of tourism during the festival. The Japan Chamber of Commerce & Industry Young Entrepreneurs Group will be giving a lecture about the festival during their national convention in Okinawa.

With the cooperation of various stakeholders and the board, to think together for the future, we can advance the Okinawa International Movie Festival on to more success and achievements.


The Okinawa International Movie Festival wishes to cooperate with media throughout Okinawa in order to assist with notifications of our various activities. This year, we have produced and broadcast programs supporting all 15 community stations in Okinawa.

Yoshimoto comedian living in Okinawa are at the center, so that we have in real-time a film festival full of fun and so that we can disseminate information.

In addition, the events will be livened up by media participation and the countdown before the festival will be shared in collaboration with Community FM, who will also co-host events being held on stage.

OIMF Community FM Partners
FM Yomitan, FM Toyomi, Okinawa Radio, FM Koza, FM Yanburu, FM21, FM Ryukyu, Chura Heart FM Motob, FM Nirai, FM Uruma, FM Naha, FM Taman, FM Miyako, FM Kumejima, FM Ishigaki Sansan Radio.


The theme of The 5th Okinawa International Movie Festival is to "create more excitement with everyone in Okinawa" and so we are implementing a program in increase the participation of residents in the prefecture.

For the regional-dispatch program “Jimot CM Competition,” we are involving all 41 municipalities in the works of the competition, increasing the entrants (Chatan Town, Nakijin, Yomitan, Ginowan, Itoman) and organizing the unique participation in a stage event program called “Uchinaa Time.”

Together with the Ginowan Cheering Squad we are embarking on a wide-ranging effort to bring Okinawa together. The Okinawa International Movie Festival Cooperation Association will be holding various events during the festival.


As part of our efforts to involve the people throughout Okinawa, any associated administration will be free to use the Okinawa International Movie Festival character or logo.

The logo can be used for announcements in advertising in malls, on public transport, for traditional Okinawa crafts, with regional characters and by local governments and organizations.


For the first time we opened up to the public the opportunity to design the Okinawa International Movie Festival poster. From 76 applications, we selected the best design, by Taku Kaneshiro of Naha City.

The poster features several animals all laughing and smiling in a circle, including a shisa, Milk Spirit, pig, mongoose, goat, Kijimuna, white shark and Okinawan rail bird. With its expression of nature and “Laugh & Peace,” he was awarded a prize of 300,000 yen. The poster and his design will be used in a variety of decorations around the venues.

AUTHOR: Taku Kaneshiro (of Naha City)
TITLE: “Comedy Engine”

With “Laugh & Peace” at its center, this creation is dedicated to the passion and ambition and all involved for the success of the event, and most of all that together, the staff, filmmakers and audience will make many people laugh and create a positive feeling. With that idea of an explosive energy, the title of “Comedy Engine” conveys the feeling, all within the concept of the Shisa.

At its heart is the logo of “Laugh & Peace,” the center of power that spreads out, without borders, through society, to create peace in a circle of laughter, a “Comedy Engine.”