"Deru-cine" is a movie screening program in which guests can participate. It is a curveball thrown at the film world by Hirohito Goto, the successful screenwriter and writer of the 2008 hit film Paco and the Magical Book. It is not cinema that one watches (in Japanese, "miru cinema,"), but cinema in which one appears ("deru cinema"), shortened, to "Deru-cine.“

Short films with the parts for extras removed are shot and edited beforehand, and on the day of screening, the guests who have shown up are divided into 5-7 groups, filmed in locations around Okinawa, and appear as extras.

After that, the extra scenes from the already-filmed movies are edited in and completed. These films, completed in a matter of hours, are overflowing with the attraction of having guests appear together with dazzling stars.

Deru-cine Works

El Shuriken vs Evil Invention

©Yoshimoto Kogyo


This is a curveball thrown at the movie world by screenwriter Hirohito Goto. Of all things, guests who have visited movie theaters are filmed as extras! The films, which are completed in a matter of hours, become works in which the guests appear together with dazzling stars.

"Projected films" are an old concept--the new era will have "movies in which you can appear" (Deru-cine). The first Deru-cine production, overflowing with attraction, El Shuriken vs. the Demon's Invention, will turn the Okinawa Film Festival into an amusement park.


Saki Inagaki, Medaka Ikeno, Katsunori Uchiba, Machamacha, El Shuriken, Takashi Okamura, Tatsumi Fujinami

Production Notes

Hirohito Goto
Yoshimoto Kogyo