Beach Stage Event

Every year at a stage set up at Ginowan Tropical Beach, a comedy live stage, a musical live stage, and an Okinawan residents participation stage are held. This year, the Okinawan residents participation stage is being beefed up even more than in the past, with lots of plans for collaboration with Okinawa, including Okinawan tradition and culture.

For the comedy stage, every day, lots of popular performers will be present. For the musical stage, there will be artists connected to Okinawa, as well as the appearance of popular idol groups!

Comedy Stage

At the yearly "Beach Stage Comedy Special Performance," popular entertainers from TV perform manzai (two-man comedy acts) and skits, and entertainers belonging to "Yoshimoto Okinawa Entertainment College" are also slated to appear.

Also, "Shoryumon," the No. 1 comedy match program with Okinawan performers that was broadcast on the Ryukyu Broadcasting Channel, will make a comeback at the Beach Stage. In addition, songs, talks, and many other stages are being planned. We promise to deliver laughs in all of our stages!

Music Stage

The "Music Stage" is a music event where Okinawa-connected artists make appearance. This year, the familiar "Kariyushi 58," "Kiiyama Shoten," who was in charge of the lyrics for Ishigaki Airport's PR song will make appearance.

This year as well, NMB48 will also appear on the stage. THE BOOM, who have newly recorded their hit "Shimauta”, celebrating its 20 years, for rerelease, have also been decided for the final musical appearance. Other spectacular guests are also planned to be added.

In addition, "Sol-T-Shine," the 8-member unit of elementary school students who shined the brightest in the world at the "World Hip Hop Dance Championship 2012," as well as other world-level dancers from Okinawa, will gather for a dance showcase. This is a stage in which the dancers will have a dream collaboration with comedy entertainers in which you will laugh and cry.

Okinawan Residents Participation Stage

This year, we will create our Beach Stage together with everyone from Okinawa. For the opening of each day, there will be an Eisa group from somewhere in Okinawa, which will change each day.

As well, as a yearly tradition, "The Okinawan Elementary School Youth Image Festival," a planned collaboration with "Laugh and Peace!”, a TV show currently being broadcast on RBC (the Ryukyu Broadcasting Channel), will be featured. This year, "Uchina Time," a stage in which culture and arts are collected from all of Okinawa's islands, will be performed each day.

Also, at the "Open Mic Audition Stage," we will hold a discovery project for those looking to make their pro debut. Please be here to witness the moment when Okinawa is joined with laughter.