SoftBank presents Owarai LIFE Short Film Screening

“Owarai (Comedy) Life” is a comedy content distribution service provided by Softbank Mobile.

Users can enjoy four types of video content: "Aim High! The World's Best App for Laughter Convenience," "Short Film Channel," "Owarai Channel," and "Entertainers' Recommended Gifts.“

In "Short Film Channel," one of those options, Yuichi Kimura, who is also successful as a movie director, takes the role of editor. Entertainers are the directors, and the short films they produced are currently being distributed. These works, which were directed by various entertainers in genres from comedy to drama to anime, do not fit within conventional boundaries and use emotion only an entertainer could have produced.

The works are seeing praise as movies that are not only interesting, but reveal a new side of the entertainers. At the movie festival, we have invited the entertainers who actually directed the films on the "Short Film Channel," and with editor Yuichi Kimura, we will continue from last year in having a film screening party and talk show.

Introducing Short Film Works

  • Herasu Otoko

    Director: Minowa (Harisenbon)
  • Tsumi to Batsu

    Director: Takahashi (Savanna)
  • Cake

    Director: Maeda (Slim Club)
  • Hikyosha Kakyosha

    Director: Kazutoyo Koyabu
  • Benjamin Bonus

    Director: Kawashima (Yasei Bakudan)
  • Minna no Ichigo

    Director: Iwao, Football Hour
  • Bench

    Director: Murakami (Fruit Punch)
  • Senpai

    Director: Fujiwara (License)
  • Toomee

    Director: Ooi! Kyuma (The Plan 9)

(Short Film Channel List of entertainer-directors with distribution in 2012 *In order of distribution)
Minowa (Harisenbon), Takahashi (Savanna), Maeda (Slim Club), Kazutoyo Koyabu, Kawashima (Yasei Bakudan), Iwao (Football Hour), Murakami (Fruit Punch), Fujiwara (License), Buffalo Goro A, Osada (Chocolate Planet), Ooi! Kyuma (The Plan 9), Miyaji (Nibunnogo!) (Below: Photos of scenes from a portion of these films)